{diy: wine cork board}

April 13, 2011

When I was in college {& after I turned 21, of course}, I was a beer-drinking, vodka-loving kind of girl.  I'd have an ice cold beer when I was tailgating at sporting events or outside enjoying the sun somewhere, and I loved nothing more than a tasty {usually fruity} vodka concoction when I was bouncing around 5 Points with my friends.

Then I moved into a beautiful house off-campus with 3 of my sorority sisters who became my dearest friends, and it was then that I acquired a taste {which has grown into an obsession:)} for wine.

My new found love was for chardonnay {I liked my wine chilled, so red didn't agree with my palette}, and some of my most favorite nights at that humble abode {just miles away from my college campus} were spent sipping on some {cheap I'm sure} wine and venting about the new jobs we were trying to hold down as college grads.

That porch has gone down in history, and many a bottle of wine were consumed, amazing conversations were had, and long-lasting relationships were formed {one of my best friends actually met her boyfriend, now husband, on this fab porch}.

Enjoying a glass of wine, to me, is an absolute treat {at times a stress reliever} and I have now acquired the taste for a nice, smooth red as well.  After all these years of consuming this delicious wine, I have also acquired quite the collection of corks.

I started this trend in college when I popped open a bottle of wine to celebrate New Year's Eve.  All of my best friends were there, and I decided to write on the cork all the special details about the nightWho, what, when, and where of the New Year's celebration were documented right there on my cork.

I continued doing this for all special occasions, and my cork collection has now become quite a special treasure to meWhether it was a bottle opened to celebrate Spring Break in the Bahamas with my girls, weddings of friends, finishing my thesis in grad school, the birth of a beautiful baby, or {one of my faves} celebrating my engagement with my family, they all represent a very special time in my life and are special memoirs to me.

The corks are piling up in my collection jar, and I know I need to do something special before it overflows.  I thought about using them to make a frame, maybe a photo album cover, and then I saw thisA cork boardPerfect!!  I'll be making this, hanging in a prominent location, and using it for my daily notes so I can be reminded everyday of the amazing times I've had {so far} with my family and friends.
{via apartment therapy}
You can find step-by-step instructions here...This project just makes me smile, and I hope you enjoy it too!   

Have a great day!
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