I believe that the glass is always half-full.

I believe in taking every chance possible for adventure and traveling the globe...You only live once.

I believe in showering my house with fresh flowers...Something about them puts a smile on my face.

I believe that a mani/pedi coupled with a mimosa {or 2} can set any girl at ease.

I believe in porch swings, plough mud, pearls, and polka dots.

I believe in mixing a hint of vintage with a splash of modern for a southern chic look.

I believe one should always keep a diary or journal...Life gets better by the day, and memory gets worse by the minute.

I believe in shagging in stilettos...or your bare feet.

I believe in college football, fried chicken, and Five Points in the Fall.

I believe in always being my Daddy's little girl and my Mama's best friend.

I believe in Reggae Bands, boat rides, and walking barefoot on the beach.

I believe in Santa Claus :), and I thank God for blessing me with a family who always makes Christmas so magical.

I believe sisters are special gifts sent from above.

I believe in handwritten thank you notes...It's the little things that count.

I believe in letterpress, graphic design, and and all things scrapbook-worthy.

I believe in palmetto trees, Pinot Grigio, and the Pawley's Island way of life.

I believe old, worn-in beach houses are a bit shabby but very chic.

I believe in upholding my family heritage by naming my children after my loved ones who hold my heart.

I believe in collecting corks, cards, & conch shells…

I believe in love letters, romance, and shedding a tear in chick flicks.

I believe in playing board games rather than watching TV—Some of my best childhood memories were spent huddled over a game of Labyrinth, Scrabble, & Clue.

I believe in spontaneous road trips and relaxing in the RV.

I believe in luck, and I still pick up a penny on heads, search for 4-leaf clovers, and read my fortune cookies without opening the wrapper.

I believe bliss can be found in a good bottle of wine.

I believe a {life} filled with {love}, kisses, laughter, and sweet {southern bliss} is Heaven on Earth.