{Shark Week, Summer Loves, & a Simple DIY}

August 02, 2011

Good morning everyone!!  I hope you are all having a lovely day, and I'm so glad I'm back in blogging action...It makes me feel complete again. :)

Some pretty fab things caught my attention this week, and I wanted to share them with you immediately...First, a little story about me...

For those of you who know me reeeealllly well, you are completely aware of my obsession with Shark Week...You probably also know that I have a major fear of {what I like to call} "my 3 S's"...Sharks, snakes, and spiders {cringe!}...But yet for some reason I love watching all things about them on television {weird I know because it just adds to my growing fear of these creepy creatures}.

Thanks to my infatuation with all shows and documentaries associated with these species, I only go knee deep in the ocean because I'm scared I'll be eaten by a Great White, I constantly scan any lawn or grassy area in which I'm walking because I'm afraid I'll step on a rattlesnake, and I check my bed every night because I worry that a black widow just might be lurking in my sheets...Ha! I actually laugh at myself as I type this because I'm really such a scaredy-cat! :)

I haven't always been like this though...I was quite the little fish as a child, and my parents couldn't ever get me out of the ocean.  I suppose I'm a bit more cautious in my "old age", and more importantly, I'm an avid Shark Week fan...Tune in this week, and I bet you'll think twice before you plunge into the ocean next time. :)

After hearing about my weird obsession with this Discovery Channel series, you'll understand why I love these cards...Thank you Shark Week and thank you Sweet Dee for these awesome letterpress cards...I grin from ear to ear when I look at them!!
{SweetDee Etsy Shop}
Forrest better hope I love him more than Shark Week because that's some serious love!!

Moving on now from my biggest fears to some of my fave fashion finds...How great are these looks?  I'm still wildly attracted to all color combos containing gray, so these definitely caught my eye...
{via Polyvore}
{via Polyvore}
Last but certainly not least, I leave you with one of the greatest tips I've ever seen online, and I have to thank Lauren, author of the blog A Full Measure of Happiness, for this simple and smart jewelry organization solution.  I already implemented this at my house, and it works perfectly!
{via A Full Measure of Happiness}
Happy Tuesday Friends...Take care.


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