January 27, 2012

My blissful blog is turning 1 today, and that brings an enormous smile to my face!
{endo friendo}
On January 27, 2011, I published my first post on this blog that I started as simply a little personal journal.  Little did I know it would become much more than that over the past year, and I'm so thankful for the joy it has brought to my life.

I have fallen in love with this bloggy community, and I have made amazing friends who will be a special part of my life forever.  I discovered things about myself that I never would have without diving into this blogging world, and I have found my creative side that continues to grow by the day throughout my blog journeys.

Thank you all for reading my blog, for becoming such great friends, and for being a part of one of the best experiences of my life.  I'm looking forward to many great years with all of you, and I can't wait to see where my blog leads me in 2012.

I love you all...

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Elizabeth @ Cheers, Elizabeth said...

Happy blogiversary!!! I love the blogging community and never could ahve imagined the friends I would make through my little blog!

{southern bliss...sealed with a kiss} said...

Thank you so much, Elizabeth!! So very thankful for you and all the other dear friends I have made through my blog! :)