{Mommy Must-Haves: Bath Time}

June 17, 2013

As soon as we started giving Kate baths, we quickly discovered that she loves the water.  She gets so excited every night at bath time, and she can't wait to splash around in her little tub.
We decided to go with The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub, and I'm so glad we did.  We love it, and more importantly, Kate loves it!! :)
I have been so pleased with this tub, and here are a few reasons why...
  1. It fits comfortably in our kitchen sink as well as bath tubs of any size.  We have a jacuzzi tub in one bathroom and a regular tub in the other, and it fits perfectly in both.
  2. It comes with a machine washable sling that you can use during the newborn stage of your baby's life.  This was wonderful for me when I was bathing our delicate little bundle, and Kate loved resting comfortably in the padded sling while I bathed her.
  3. The sling can easily be removed when you're ready to use the infant position in the tub.  Since Kate can't quite sit up on her own, the infant side of the tub has been great because she is able to recline on the padded surface while still having space to kick her little feet and splash around.
  4. There is a compartment at one end of the tub giving you easy access to your wash cloths, soap, or any other bath supplies you may want to store there.
  5. There is also a toddler position opposite the infant side of the tub, which means this tub can pretty much grow with your baby.
  6. It's only $17.99!!  We got ours from Target, and you can find it here in pink or here in blue.

I hope this helps, and I hope your little ones love bath time in this tub as much as ours does! :)

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