{Mommy Must-Haves: Swings & Seats}

July 02, 2013

I'll probably do a few installments of this Mommy Must-Have category because I have fallen in love with so many great swings and seats since we brought our little Kate home.
The first one I want to talk about is my all-time favorite swing...It's our amazing, go-to, "couldn't live without it" item, and it has definitely helped me maintain my sanity during sleepless nights and fussy spells.  Our saving grace is the...
My Little Snugabunny™ Cradle 'n Swing
{My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing}
I absolutely love, love, LOVE this swing, and Kate does, too!!  She's swinging in it as we speak, and she loves cuddling up in the cozy seat.  She is obsessed with the little rabbit rattle attached to the waist straps, and she can't get enough of the mirror and rotating birds that are located above the seat.

The swing offers 3 different seat positions, which come in handy for me because I like to switch positions based on where our windows are.  Our little one really enjoys looking outside at the greenery, so I just swivel the swing to different angles whenever she needs a change of scenery.
{3 different seat positions give you various swinging options for your baby}
In addition to the various seat positions, the swing also offers different speeds along with lots of great sounds and songs to soothe your baby.  During the newborn phase, we mainly used the slower speeds, but now Kate loves the higher settings when she's hanging out in her Snugabunny Swing.  Her favorite sound on the swing is definitely the chirping birds, and quite frankly, it has become my favorite sound, too! :)  I find myself turning the chirping birds on even after Kate has drifted off to sleep in her swing because it's so soothing and peaceful.
{Various speed settings, sounds, and songs for baby to enjoy}
This quickly became our favorite item for our new baby, and I bet your baby will love it too.  Our My Little Snugabunny™ Cradle 'n Swing was a gift from one of Forrest's sweet coworkers and his wife, but you can click on this link to check it out online.

If you're a new mom or a mommy-to-be, I highly recommend this swing...It's definitely worth every penny!

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