{Fall Fashion: Gussy Sews}

October 10, 2013

Years and years ago, I fell in love with blogs.  Before all the buzz and the hype that revolves around them now and before I started this blog, I was an avid reader of so many great ones.  I found such joy in reading them every day, and it didn't take long for me to identify with and connect to certain bloggers.

One of those that I fell in love with early on was Gussy Sews.  I loved her story, her background, her style of writing, and her beautiful, handmade products.  She was such an inspiration, and each visit to her blog brought a smile to my face.  Since then, we have both had babies, and now I enjoy seeing her writing and lifestyle evolve as a mother.  After having my sweet Kate, I connected even more with those bloggers who are mothers themselves, and it has been so nice to support each other as we navigate through motherhood.

Maggie {AKA Gussy}, the woman behind Gussy Sews, continues to make beautiful products, and yesterday she released her gorgeous line of hand-crocheted infinity cowls.  I'm in LOVE!!  They caught my eye so quickly, and I can't wait to scoop one right up.  They are great for Fall, and they add a perfect pop of color to any outfit.  Hint, hint..If anyone wants to buy me an early Christmas gift, I'll take one of these in every color!! :)
{How cute is she?! Pick up your own cowl here.} 
I just had to spread the word about her great products...This was my first Gussy, and it goes with me everywhere.
I can't wait to add to my collection...Starting with these!!
{Gussy Sews}
So, if you haven't met Gussy, pop over to her blog...You'll be glad you did. :)

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