{Angel's Lullaby}

December 17, 2013

I had the TV on in the background as I cooked dinner the other night, and all of the sudden I heard this song playing.  I immediately stopped what I was doing, and I listened with tears in my eyes.  What a sweet song!!  I have always loved Reba McEntire, and these lyrics really touched my heart.

Click this link for video or view below.
The holiday season is always a time of reflection for me, and I feel so blessed as I look back on the past year.  With Christmas right around the corner, I realize that I have already received the greatest gift ever…My sweet little Kate.  She is our special angel, and hearing this song made me think of those wonderful evenings spent rocking her to sleep under the moonlight.

For all the parents and grandparents out there, I hope these sweet words touch your heart as much as they did mine. :)
Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace 
Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face 
One sweet angel sleeping in my arms 
You are the promise I knew God would keep 
You are the gift that makes my world complete 

And you'll never know how much I love you 
But I'll keep on telling you my whole life through 
Now I believe in miracles, and you're the reason why 
So dream on while I sing you my angel's lullaby
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