January 28, 2014

I don’t even know where to begin today…This is such a big day for our family because our beautiful baby girl turns ONE today!!  Saying that still feels crazy to me because it literally feels like just yesterday that we were in the delivery room welcoming our girl into the world.

I remember every, single detail about every, single second of that amazing day, and thinking about it is truly overpowering for me.  The memories make me so emotional because I can’t even put into words the powerful, explosive, overwhelming, heart-bursting, warm, unconditional love that I feel for my little Kate.  Every time I think about her or even look into her beautiful eyes, my heart seriously feels like it could burst right out of my chest.

As I type this, I’m taken back to that first moment that I held my baby girl…Our doctor put her directly into my arms, and she looked right into my eyes.  As I looked at her through tear-filled eyes with my husband right by my side, I knew that I was already forever changed by my Kate.  In that instant, I felt a love like no other…A love that was so incredibly special and strong…It was a love that made my heart melt right then and there.

Not only did Kate’s birth make us the two happiest people in the world, it also changed the way we live our lives.  I have felt this sense of contentment and peace since our little girl was born, and she makes us want to live better lives and be the best parents, role models, and mentors we can possibly be.  It’s not about us anymore…Now we live our lives in a way that will make our daughter proud, and that means so much to us that she has brought out such positivity in all of our lives.

Over the past year, I am so happy with the way Kate has helped me live.  I have never felt closer to God than I do now, and I pray every single day.  I pray for my daughter, I pray for my family, but most of all, I just find comfort in prayer, and it feels so powerful to me since Kate was born.  It’s almost like I can feel Him when I’m talking to Him, and I love knowing that He chose Kate for us.  It is such an honor to be her Mother, and I am forever grateful to Him for giving us the most wonderful angel on earth.

So today, we celebrate Kate…The greatest thing that has ever happened to us, and we vow to make each year better than the last and to be the best parents we can be to her.  We promise to protect her, squeeze her, comfort her, console her, inspire her, respect her, cuddle her, honor her, but most of all, we promise to LOVE HER with all of our hearts every day of our lives.

To our sweet Kate…We thank you…We thank you for making us your Mommy and Daddy…We thank you for making us the happiest parents on earth…We thank you for making us live better lives, and we thank you for making this last year the BEST year we have ever had!!  Happy 1st Birthday, sweet angel!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

Mommy and Daddy
{Holding my baby girl for the first time.}
{Love at first sight.}
{Already wrapped around Daddy's finger.}
{Our sweet angel.}
{Daddy's little girl.}
{Sweet baby at her newborn session.}
{I love her more than words can ever express.}
{Our family is complete.}
{This beautiful smile brightens our lives.}
{Summers are so sweet with our little angel.}
{Such a happy baby!}
{Our little snow bunny.}
{Family fun.}
{Christmas with our cutie.}
{Happy Birthday, sweet angel!}
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