{Healthier Donut Recipes}

February 20, 2014

Good morning, friends!!  How are you?  I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and are having an even better week. :)  Please forgive my sporadic posts…We're packing up one house and prepping to move into another, so I'll most likely be popping in here and there over the next couple of weeks while the moving chaos ensues.

I just couldn't help but post about this.  Just recently, I was talking to friends about my love of donuts and how I wish I could eat them all the time.  I mean I REALLY love them, but I never indulge because I know how quickly those delicious bites will turn to pesky pounds.  I always resist the urge to turn into Krispy Kreme when that "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign is illuminated, and it is oh so hard!!

Soon after I was talking about my love of donuts, I saw a Brit + Co post featuring healthy donut recipes.  I took it as a sign that I need to try my hand at some delicious {and healthy} donuts, and I can't wait to satisfy my donut sweet tooth without all the guilt.  If you're a donut-lover like I am, you're really gonna love these…
{Olive Oil Mini Donuts}
{Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze}
{Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Donuts}
{Coconut Flour Cake Donuts}
{Red Velvet Mini Donuts}
{Orange Poppy Seed Donuts}
{Healthier Classic Powdered Donuts}
{Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Roll Donuts}
{Baked Mini Chocolate Donuts}
{Fluffy Chocolate Donuts}
{Pecan Pumpkin Glazed Donuts}
{Brit + Co's Healthy Donut}

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