{Martha's Kitchen Shortcuts and Timesavers}

April 30, 2014

Hey there!!  We're still in the process of getting settled in our new home, and one of the first rooms that I wanted to tackle was the kitchen.  I'm on a mission to maintain an organized and smoothly-run household, and I've been researching tips and tricks for kitchen organization.

As I was perusing the web, I came across these neat tips from Martha and had to share with you.
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{Clip-On Coffee Spoon}
{Instant Stock}
{Cooks' Helpers}
{Magnetic Lunch Chart}
{Softening Secret}
{Easy Breakfast Mixes}
{Butter Corn in a Jiffy}
{Easy Grating}
{Smart Scooping}
{Quick Cocktail Mix}
{Quick Peel Kiwi}
{Fast Fruit Slices}
{Stack and Steam}
{Fast Fresh Fruit}
I hope you have found these as useful as I did.  Have a great day!!

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