{singing in the rain}

February 08, 2011

We have been on a weather roller coaster, and this new year started off with fluffy snow, followed by a bit of sleet, and now rain showers galore!  I have yet to see the sun peek through the clouds this week, and I'm very anxiously awaiting the arrival of warm, summer nights and clear, blue skies.

In the meantime, I think I'll embrace the rain and the beauty it brings...There's something lovely about the way the street looks when it's just rained, and rainbows make it all worthwhile...

Here are a few fun things for playing in the rain and cuddling up afterward...

{Oh Joy}
{1. Ilse Jacobsen rain boots, 2. Jean Paul Gaultier striped umbrella {via Bonnie}, 3. shopper byKate Spade, 4. Keepcup, 5. chocolate truffle cookies from The Cravory, 6. deer candle snuffer fromTerrain, 7. J.Crew slippers, 8. Donna Wilson blanket.}

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