{valentine's day traditions}

February 09, 2011

Valentine's Day in the Beverly Household consists of various traditions that originated many years ago, and these traditions have become our February 14th rituals.  Although I love all things pink, red, and heart-related, my husband {naturally} leans more toward the simple approach to this holiday of love.

Since we both share a passion for cooking, that is how we celebrate our day.  After years of fighting the rush at crowded restaurants to get a good meal on Valentine's Day, we decided one night to stay in and cook for each other.  We enjoyed a delicious meal of filet and lobster, and we had such a great time talking, laughing, and relaxing in the comfort of our own home.  Now we spend every Valentine's Day eating breakfast in bed and cooking our traditional filet and lobster dish for dinner, and we look forward to it every year.

Here are some savory things that I'll be indulging in with my Valentine...
{Oh Joy}

{1. heart-shaped egg fry rings from Williams-Sonoma, 2. luscious langoustine dinner plate fromAnthropologie, 3. Terrain organic lavender flowers, 4. heart cutting board from Urban Outfitters, 5. surf & turf dinner for two from Sur la Table, 6. Jamie Oliver Three Measures of Pleasure infused oils.}
Do you have any special traditions? What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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