{Op Org: Weekly Tasks}

September 04, 2012

Throughout the past few months, I've been implementing various organization techniques to keep my little family in order.  They have proven to be quite the success for me, and I thought I'd share some with you.

It took some trial and error for me to figure out what worked best for us, and this is the daily routine that finally clicked for me.

I used to try to do all of these chores in a day or weekend, but I have found that breaking them up is much nicer for me because I can knock them out first thing in the morning and be done for the day.  It's so easy for me to manage, and it makes for a clean, organized, and structured home.

Now I'm curious...What's your routine to keep your household in order?
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Hailey said...

I do bathrooms , dust and vacuum on Mondays , kitchen, hardwoods , half laundry on Tuesday . Sundays are clean sheets day
! I try to do at least 10 min everyday day of just picking up clutter and making sure everything is put up!