Much love for EmersonMade!

May 18, 2011

No matter how hectic my daily schedule, I always find comfort in the fact that I can pick up my laptop and escape for a little while into blogging blissIt has become my new favorite hobby, and I can't believe I have just now discovered this new passion at {almost!} 30 years old!!  Better late than never though, huh?

As I mentioned last week, I feel so blessed and grateful for all of the special relationships and contacts I have made through my blogging world, and I have discovered some fun and fabulous folks that I may never have had the pleasure of knowing

For example, just when I thought I had reached a maximum level of blogging bliss, I was pleasantly surprised with another delicious discovery I made thanks to this wonderful blog community.

I happily introduce to you EMERSONMADE
Get ready to enter fashion Heaven, and go ahead and relax, take a seat, grab your wallet :), and prepare to be hooked {just like me}!!

I {thankfully} clicked over to their site after seeing it on another blog, and I was instantly hookedWhen I say hooked, I mean within ooh, a few seconds!!

As I navigated around their awesome website, I fell in love with their style and their story {and I ended up with a Wish List a mile long}, and I'm so happy to share it with you!!  Be sure to check out their blogs, and get to know Emerson & her hubby Ryan {& their pup Pedro}…The creators of the amazing EmersonMade who are such an inspiration! 

I'm sure some of you have already discovered this delicious duo, but if you haven't, you must do so soon!  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!  

I'm definitely going to have to start an "EmersonMade Series" since there is no way I can fit all my faves into one postHere's just a little glimpse into why they bring a big smile to my face!

These were the first finds that caught my eye
{via EmersonMade}
And these will be making their way to my closet and jewelry box soon I hope!! :)
{via EmersonMade}
{via EmersonMade}
{via EmersonMade}

Enjoy your time with EmersonMade, and have a great Tuesday!!


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Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Hey there! Thanks for your sweet comment! Have a great weekend. xx

{southern bliss...sealed with a kiss} said...

Hey Kelly,

It is such a pleasure connecting with you, and thank you so much for your kind comments and follows...I truly appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch! :)

Take care, and have a great night!